Fully Customizable Support Portal

Everything you need to fully customize your customer service portal

Create mesmerising themes and impress your customers

Self-help can be a good thing!

imagine this scenario. It's 2:00 am in the morning, and finally, with the help of four cups of coffee, you're wide awake trying to put together a presentation for a meeting you have in eight hours. Then all of a sudden, your VPN connection to the office disconnected and you cannot reconnect, regardless of how many times you try. Now, you find that you are unable to access the resources you need to complete your presentation. Adding more frustration to the situation, you are afraid that if you do not complete this presentation you might get fired. It's too late to call for IT support and you do not know of any tech-savvy person to help you with your situation. What do you do?

With Trakdesk, you can publish knowledge base articles of solutions to problems which your customers can access at anytime from anywhere via your customer support portal once they have an internet connection. Great! You might have just saved someone's job. Now, while saving the world, you can also mesmerise your customers with an awesome customer support portal design. Trakdesk allows you to completely redesign your customer support portal with your own CSS, Javascript and HTML codes.

Setup a custom domain for your support portal.

Customizable Themes

Bring your creativeness and design to your customer support portal. Running on the powerful Liquid template engine, you can completely modify any of your customer support portal pages, adding your own CSS, Javascript and HTML codes.

Trakdesk allows you to setup multiple themes for different events or seasons of the year. Each theme consists of its own default pages, custom pages and assets. Themes can also be imported and exported at any time.

Custom Pages

If you're up for the challenge and ready to get your hands dirty with Trakdesk themes, you can completely WOW your customers with your own customer support portal custom pages. Trakdesk allows you to add unlimited custom pages to any of your themes, setup a unique URL for each page and customize it with your own content, assets, layout and design.

This allows you to provide an engaging experience for your users, and can set your customer portal apart from others, making it completely unique and interesting to use.

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Theme Assets

Let us worry about delivering your website content to your customers. With Trakdesk, you can upload an unlimited number of assets for each of your themes. Assets are pretty much anything you upload to work with your website to enhance user experience. For example; plugins, images, CSS and Javascript files.

With a network of global servers, we will deliver your assets using Amazon CDN so your support portal content always gets rendered quickly.