About Trakdesk

Trakdesk is a company born out of necessity. We felt that the current market for customer support software had become stagnant - we were completely disillusioned with what was available. Not only was the software available sluggish and outdated, it also had very limited user features and an unfriendly UI.

Due to this restricted nature, customer service agents were having to utilize a number of different applications to do one job. This is both frustrating for the agent and for the customer. Ultimately, the customer is left feeling disenchanted about the company they were dealing with.

This is where Trakdesk stepped in. Having carried out extensive research, we discovered that there wasn't a single replacement package on the market which was capable of doing the job of several applications, at least not at a price that was affordable. The systems that were available were unable to complete certain tasks without being integrated with other applications, and require additional subscription.

We have developed our Trakdesk software from the ground up in order to provide users with a comprehensive package that not only integrates several applications into one, but also provides a premium user experience and allows customer service agents to deal with issues in an expedient fashion. Our powerful, integrated, customer support software will change the way your agents interacts with your customers.